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Others may claim to have as many email addresses, but no-one delivers the same level of insight or the flexibility in planning and execution. We can help you shape and deliver your message to different groups to ensure it resonates with them. Whether you are focusing on a specific agenda such as inclusion, or simply interested in getting your message out to key groups at important events in their lives, such as exam results day, we will deliver.

Plan your campaigns based on age, location, careers interests, academic stage, predicted and actual grades, UCAS points, ethnicity or even gender. All of this is backed up by full analytics and reporting.

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Transport For London Campaign - Showcase

Working with TMP worldwide our aim was to increase applications for the TfL apprenticeship programme starting in January 2018, targeting the London area and candidates with an interest in engineering. Fantastic opportunities for young people included working in the TfL press office, cyber security, building surveying and Crossrail maintenance. Initially, segmentation and targeting of females and those from under represented ethnic backgrounds was a focus of the campaign.